5 Tips to Reach Your New Years Fitness Goals

joggingAs we begin the New Year, and for me, the first legitimate week back to work and dieting, I thought my first post would briefly discuss fat loss. I thought a post on fat loss would be fitting as it is on most of our resolutions after all the holiday festivities, and I am hoping that It will give you enough of a general understanding to motivate you to stay on track. The following is how I diet, what I recommend others do, and what I will be doing to get myself back in shape, because trust me, I too have done my fair share of indulging the past few weeks!

Let’s get started! These are some very basic guidelines and rules that if you follow, I promise you will lose weight. Some of this stuff you have probably even heard before, but if you are like me at all, then you might get confused by what «they» are always saying. There is always some kind of new information and new diet that is supposed to trump or debunk the previous ones. It has taken me about five years of trial and error, meeting the right people, and finding the correct information to figure out what is legitimate information when it comes to dieting! By following my post, I intend to keep you from wasting the same amount of time and energy I did, and if you already wasted it, that should stop right now!

WEIGHT LOSS IS SIMPLE!!!! It is so simple, and with all the bad information out there I think many of us tend to think it can’t be that simple and there is some sort of trick to it! Well it is!

RULE NO. 1 – Burn more calories than you eat during the day!                       I know, I know, you’re probably thinking «Tell me something I don’t know!» but really that’s all there is to it. If you are burning more calories than you eat then you are inevitably going to lose fat.

Rule NO. 2 – Exercise!                                                                                                 Okay, it is indeed possible to lose weight while not exercising as long as you are in a calorie deficit, but this is by no means a healthy or efficient way of doing so. I personally recommend lifting weights or doing some sort of resistance or explosive training. Reason being is because you build muscle but your body continues to burn calories since it is working to repair itself the rest of the day.

Rule No. 3 – Cardio!                                                                                                                   Honestly, cardio is not completely necessary, but I do recommend it as it is healthy for your heart and speeds up the fat loss! You could totally get away with just doing your typical weight training and lose weight but if you want faster results do some cardio! Specifically HIIT cardio, as it is the most efficient and time sparing. Also, HIIT trumps slow cardio, as like weight training you continue to burn calories throughout the day, but we’ll go more in depth on that another day…

Rule No. 4 – K.I.S.S.                                                                                                               This acronym actually is from my military days. It stands for Keep It Simple Stupid! But for this we have changed it to Keep It Short Stupid. (KISS). You want to stay consistent and last longer than a couple weeks and actually reach your goals? Then keep your work outs short. There is absolutely no reason to spend hours in the gym. I typically spend 45 mins to an hour working out, but honestly if I was pressed for time, like sometimes I am, as we all are, I can and will get it done in about 20-30 minutes! It also negates that excuse that you don’t have time, because you can’t tell me you don’t have 20 mins out of your 24 hour day!

Rule No. 5 – Keep It Interesting!                                                                                   The best way to stay motivated, consistent and on track to reach your goals is to keep it interesting and fun! The best way to do this is by switching up your exercises and routines when you feel they are getting boring. Personally, sometimes just changing the pace, rep range, or schedule of my workouts can be enough. When you have been training as long as I have, sometimes that is not even enough, which is when I completely switch it up. I’ll do this by going for hikes, runs on the beach, during the summer  I play volleyball with friends, Muay Thai, soccer, whatever you can do to get that heart rate up! In turn you burn calories, get out the house, break the routine, and often times save money!

These are my top five tips and guidelines for weight loss. These are the same guidelines I follow and will continue to follow as I too get back on track for that summer beach body! I hope you enjoyed the read and it helps you with your goals. If you have any questions or inquiries feel free to email alexander.lugani@gmail.com or leave comment telling me what you think!


-Alexander Vincent


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  • If you want to be fit and healthy you must force yourself to have a healthy diet while you exercise. It won’t be easy because of many things you’re doing for almost everyday you might as well skip your daily routine. But worry no more because with these helpful tips it will definitely make you inspired everyday upon achieving your goal to have a fit body. Take note that keeping a regular exercise is one best way if you want to have a healthier and fit body this coming new year.

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