Stay On Track – How To Beat Your Cravings


Hey guys! First and fore most, I wanted to thank everyone for all the love you showed me on my last post! It really meant a lot to me and I am so happy to hear that I may have motivated and inspired some of you. To be honest, I am just like everyone else. I like pizza, wings, cheesecake, you name it, and I eat it! I slip up on my diet all the time! Often times, I even have little to no motivation. So what keeps me going and how do I stay on track? Several things, but to name just a few, it is my friends, family, and anyone else that I can help or inspire out there. Second, it is having faith in my plan. Third, the thought of throwing away all my hard work, having to start over and do double the work!


This week I intended to bring you a blog post about my favorite and what I think to be the most versatile item in my wardrobe this winter, but by popular demand I am writing you another post on how to reach your fitness goals, so now you will get two post from me this week!


So let’s get to it!final1452472498641.jpg


It has now been almost two weeks since New Years! The good thing is, I am still seeing the gym packed, even on days that it is normally slow, meaning many of us are on track or have not given up yet! I encourage you all to keep that momentum up, and if you fell off already do not stress and just get back up!  Let’s discuss how to keep that momentum going and how to beat, what I believe to be one of the biggest distractions.


FOOD CRAVINGS! Every normal human being has them! If they tell you they do not, then they are either lying or they are not normal! Just the other day I smashed a whole bag of chips that were supposed to last me the whole week! Some of you may be wondering if I am eating whole bags of chips and cheesecake, then how is it that I am still reaching my goals. Well, it’s easier than you think, all I do is follow a few simple guidelines.


Do not restrict or ban foods! Eat the foods you like!


There are a couple problems with this method! First, it does not last. For many of us, when we restrict a lot of foods that people normally like or desire, it then becomes a double edged sword. It becomes a double edged sword because it only makes our cravings that much more intense, and eventually leads to the “cheat meal”, or binge eating! Not to mention, the strong possibility of you developing irritabilities to foods. Let me tell you, the world and your journey to reaching the weight or physique that you want, is so much easier when you do not have intense cravings and are eating the foods that you like!


Eat balanced and do not cheat!


Many of you are probably under the impression that a cheat meal once a week is harmless, when in fact it’s not! Too often a cheat meal turns into a cheat day, and in reality the disproportionate macronutrients of one cheat meal is enough to throw a whole week’s progress down the drain! However, it’s much better to eat balanced and include some of the foods that you like in your normal diet.


Make Smart Purchases!


Here is probably another reason I was able to eat that whole bag of chips and it really not affect my progress. They were pop chips! I don’t know if any of you have had pop chips but they are wonderful! They taste good and are probably half the calories of normal chips. This is a smart purchase because I know they are healthy and even if I make the mistake of eating the whole bag it won’t set me back too much. Some other good choices might be Dreyer’s Slow Churned Ice Cream, Quest Bars, Skinny Cow Ice-cream sandwiches. You catch the drift… If I know it’s something that is a lot of calories and there is a good chance I will over indulge, then I simply will not buy it.




We’ve all heard it, “failure to prepare, is preparing to fail!” I am not talking about meal prepping. I personally do not “meal prep” my food. After doing a couple competitions and meal prepping, I hate it. It takes too long and I don’t like cooking that much to begin with. What I do is make smart purchases of already cooked foods, like Sprouts or Trader Joe’s precooked chicken breast. This allows me to have food on demand when I don’t want to cook, keeps me from eating out, and saves me money!


Next, prepare for special circumstances! Now seriously, most of us are not going to be the ones to order a salad and a side of chicken breast while eating out with friends! Besides the ill informed but hardcore, who wants to be that person anyway!?


The best way to prepare for a special occasion or night out is to do so early by simply cutting back on certain macronutrients three to five days before hand. Protein is probably the most important macronutrient because it’s essential for repairing your body, so make sure that remains high, and slightly reduce your carbs and fat intake. Just be wise, and do not over due it by eliminating too many carbs or fat, as they all play important roles in your body’s health!


I hope you guys find this post insightful and helpful in remaining on track to your goals. Many of these are pretty simple guidelines, that will enable you to achieve your desired results in the most efficient manner and with the least stress. Just remember to stay positive, plan in advance, eat and live a balanced lifestyle. Most importantly, enjoy yourself!


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Alexander Vincent


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