This Winter’s Go To Jacket


When it comes to keeping warm and staying stylish, and not to mention classy, the camel overcoat is the best weapon in your arsenal this winter. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see just how much I love this coat. What makes the camel overcoat your best friend is the fact that it’s such a timeless piece and looks fantastic with almost anything! It looks great paired up with your best navy suit, jeans and a t shirt or whatever really!IMG_7292.jpgIf you look around you can find some really nice ones out there for pretty good prices too. Specifically, I like Combatant Gentleman’s, Banana Republic’s, and London Fog’s as they all look great, are quality items, and priced really well. It doesn’t have to be camel either guys. Black, navy, grey overcoats are all great looks as well, and just as versatile. What do you guys think? What has been your go to piece this winter?

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