How To Stay Motivated

Setting out to accomplish new goals is always exciting at first. You have an idea, you imagine what it will be like when you reach that milestone, and so, with high hopes and motivation you set out to accomplish your goal. During the journey to success or achieving anything there is always obstacles, but what is the most difficult of them? I am sure it might be different for everyone, but I think for a strong majority of us it can be the motivation. Sticking to the plan when the journey requires a good amount of time and dedication becomes harder every day as motivation deteriorates. You aren’t seeing the results as fast as you liked, things are getting more and more difficult, it’s boring, your body hurts, you are physically and mentally tired. Here is how to overcome your depleted motivation, recharge, and stay on course to accomplish whatever it is you set out to do.



Success is all about being in the right mindset. It is possible to breed a culture of failure or success within yourself and one needs to understand this. Motivation starts out with the right mindset, the difference between people that succeed and people that don’t is they know that it’s about being in the right state of mind, and don’t let failures or obstacles affect it. Again, this is something that is bred into people. If you know that your motivation doesn’t last and having the right mindset wasn’t bred within you at an early age, that’s okay. You just need to start creating that culture of having a positive mindset.


How do you create that culture? By practicing it day in and day out. I’m not motivated every day either, nor am I always walking around happy but I practice it and every day it gets easier. It’s like practicing anything else. I wake up every day and do affirmations, I go to the gym to start my day off right, I dress well every day so I feel good in my clothes, and if I am not having a great day, then I fake it until I make it. Before you know it, you’re able to go longer and longer periods of being happy and motivated.


Surround yourself with positive people. Life isn’t easy, we all have our own problems, and we all need someone to vent to. But you know that friend that always, always, always has problems and needs to vent? I know I have had a couple. Well, sometimes you just need to cut those people off and love them from a distance. It’s not being cold hearted, but you need to love yourself and look out for number one. You need to be a priority and that negative energy is contagious. Stay away from it, and surround yourself with people that have good energy, similar goals, or that you look up to.

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Don’t get overwhelmed. Most of the time this is easier said than done. In my experience, when it rains, it pours. I am sure you have felt this way too. The best way to stay motivated during times where your life is extremely busy, personal life is hectic, and just general feelings of being overwhelmed is to break things up.


It’s like when dirty dishes or homework piles up. The more it piles up the less you want to do it. Just get in the practice of breaking up your task. Wash your dishes as they come. If you’re not good at this, I find that making a list of everything I need to accomplish by priority, and then crossing them off helps tremendously. It’s about being organized, and a little bit about tricking your mind. Physically seeing things being crossed off the list gives me a strong sense of accomplishment.


Try a different approach. I’ve said this before but it still applies. If it’s fitness try switching up your routine, maybe get outside for a hike or play a sport. Depending on what it is, try getting someone else involved. Go workout with a friend. Staying motivated has a lot to do with little things here and there that will trick your mind into staying motivated or making things a little more fun. Often times things as simple as changing your routine or scenery can make a significant difference.

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Remember why you started. There are times where you will be doing all the above and you will still feel your motivation decreasing. A lot of people that are able to get through are able to do so, simply because they remember why they started and how far they have come. This is why taking progress pictures helps so much when embarking on a fitness goal.


I remember when I first started my fitness journey. It was back in 2010 in Afghanistan, and quite a few of my fellow service members had started it with me. Everyone made a tremendous amount of progress and on the way home, they all talked about taking a week or so off to recoup and then “hit it hard” again. Not me, I worked out every stop we had on the way home. Simply because I knew how hard it was to get into the routine of things, and I had made so much progress I wasn’t about to see it wasted or lose momentum.


Losing deteriorated motivation is inevitable. The length at how long you go being unmotivated and that turn around is what changes the most. All the tips and tricks won’t keep you from losing motivation, but will most definitely help you with that turn around time. Most of it is tricking the mind, and as I said “faking it til you make it”. Eventually, you build habits and the faking turns into reality. Just remember why you started in the first place and try to have fun with it!


As always if you have nay questions or would like specific recommendations, feel free to contact me. Peace!



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