5 Tips For Staying Fit While Traveling

Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, the adventures that come with traveling can often be enchanting and interesting to say the least. For many of us, traveling is fun but can also be an obstacle in our fitness goals. Sometimes this speed bump turns into a complete roadblock. Transform your adventure from obstacle to aid, with these 5 tips for staying fit while traveling.


Something is better than nothing

In the early days of my embarkment upon my fitness journey, I definitely had an all or nothing mentality. If the hotel or place or I was staying at didn’t have a decent fitness center than I was SOL, and ended up doing nothing and eating everything.

In reality, that was the worst thing I could have done. Even if I had gone for a power walk, it would have been better than doing absolutely nothing. Since many of us aren’t able to eat the way we would back home, the best thing to do is to get some type of workout in.

Pack light compact gear

Take some light and compact gear with you. I always take a couple pair of shorts and at least one pair of running shoes, so at the very least I can go for a jog. I also throw in a jump rope to help me get the heart rate up and maybe a couple resistance bands. These things take up little to no space, and you can make a whole routine out of them.


Give the weights a rest

If you’re gym rat that doesn’t do much other than lifting weights, well this is the best time to start. Do some bodyweight exercises, or use the bands we talked about. The different methods may actually work in your favor, because it’s best to switch things up to shock the body and muscles.

Turn Your Workout Into Part of Your Adventure

One way I love to burn calories is by making my workout apart of my travel plans and adventures. Walking or jogging in a new city is an amazing way to sight see and get to know a new place. You’ll see a ton of things you might have completely missed. Many cities these days are bike friendly, so rent yourself a bike, and get to know the place.


Make it quick and early

When you’re traveling, working out might be the one of the last things you want to do, especially if you’re not a fitness enthusiast. The best way to approaching workouts while traveling, is to get them out of the way early. Like first thing in the morning early. Second, keep your workout intense and short that way you can get on with the business, or adventure, or mai tai sipping.

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